Resources for Buyers

In choosing your new home, location is one of the most important aspects of this decision.  Location includes attributes such as the quality and reputation of its school district; the level of safety in the community; proximity to health care, employment, entertainment, dining, and transportation. Here are some resources to help you assess these attributes. 

School District Info and Ratings 

Poway/Rancho Bernardo/Carmel Mountain Ranch/Rancho Penasquitos
Del Sur/4s Ranch/Santa Luz/Torrey HighLands

Scripps Ranch/Mira Mesa

Carmel Valley/Solana Beach/Del Mar

School Info and Ratings

GreatSchools’ trusted ratings and school information help parents find the right school for their family and improve schools in their communities. The thousands of articles, tips and interactive tools help parents support their child’s learning and wellbeing every day. Families, community leaders and policy-makers turn to GreatSchools for the school information they need to guide children to great futures.


Community Info and Stats collects and analyzes data from a variety of government and private sources, creating detailed, informative profiles for every city in the United States from crime rates to weather patterns.


How Safe is my Community provides the public with valuable information about recent crime activity in their neighborhood. Crime data is extracted on a regular basis from each department's records system so that the information being viewed through a Web browser is the most current available.


Lenders and Mortgage Brokers 

Keep in mind, throughout the process of being approved to purchase your new home, the mortgage company is considering lending you a sizable amount of money. They are going to be sure you qualify by documenting your income, assets, liabilities and credit.  If you follow their direction, they will work to make the process as quick and smooth as possible.

Questions to Ask When Interviewing Lenders

About Them

  1. How long have you been in the mortgage business?

  2. What sets you apart?

  3. Why do you do what you do?

  4. When are you available to clients? 8-5, etc.

  5. Why do you work for the firm you work for?

  6. What percentage of your business is purchase vs. Refinance?


  1. If I need a pre-approval on a weekend, will I be able to reach you?

  2. We work during the day and it is tough to talk during business hours, can we reach you in the evening when questions come up?

  3. Are you always available for my questions/concerns?

  4. Will you be my main point of contact until the loan closes? If not, will your assistant be available to answer my questions?

  5. How often will you communicate with us regarding the progress of our loan?

The Process

  1. Once I submit my application, how long will it take to get pre-approved and the final approval?

  2. Are the appraisers or appraisal management companies that you company uses local?

  3. How are the interest rates and origination points/credits related?

  4. How do I know which loan product is the best for me?

  5. When and how do you decide to lock the interest rate?

  6. When can I lift the loan contingency?

  7. Do you charge any origination, or discount fees/points?

  8. What are the total lender costs, excluding taxes, escrow and title, that I will be charged for this loan?

  9. How often do you close on time?

Property Inspection

Please call and discuss your inspection needs with some of our referrals.


Elite Group

John Robinson Inspection Group

Capstone Home

PRP Inspections



Cable Pipe & Leak Detection


Pool Escrow/Aquamarine Pools
Dave Arnedt



Knudsen Roofing
Alex Esquivel

Top Line Roofing

Brown Roofing