Tips to Sellers – Preparing to list your home

  1. First impressions are lasting. Make sure it is fresh and clean.
  2. Let the sun shine in by opening draperies.
  3. Can you see the light? Turn on all your lights for an evening inspection.
  4. Repairs can make a big difference. Have them fixed.
  5. Remove all unnecessary articles. Avoid cluttered appearances.
  6. Decorate for a quick sale. Faded walls and worn woodwork reduce appeal.
  7. Make closets look bigger. Neat, well-ordered closets show space is ample.
  8. Arrange bedrooms neatly. Remove excess furniture.
  9. Bathrooms help sell homes. Check and repair caulking in bathtubs and showers. Make this room sparkle.
  10. Fix that faucet! Dripping water discolors sinks and suggests faulty plumbing.
  11. Three’s a crowd. Avoid having too many people present during inspections.
  12. Silence is golden. Be courteous but don’t force conversation with the potential buyer.
  13. Turn off the blaring radio or television. Let the agent and buyer talk, free of disturbances.
  14. Pets underfoot? Keep them out of the way – preferably out of the house.
  15. Be it ever so humble. Never apologize for the appearance of your home. Let the trained salesperson answer any objections.
  16. Be in the background. The salesperson knows the buyer’s requirements and can better emphasize the features of your home.
  17. Let your us discuss price terms, possession and other factors with the buyer.
  18. Show your home to prospective customers only by appointment through Chrissy & Steven.